Waiting To Be Found

Ancient. Otherworldly. A traveler of the vast expanse of the universe.
Once part of something much larger with the potential to destroy anything and everything in its path.

Then, inexplicably and unexpectedly its mission ended. Entering into the confines and restrictions of this world it was ripped apart. Heat and friction from a resistant atmosphere slowed its momentum as it was shattered and torn from what was once itself in a much greater form.

Now it lays exposed, alien, and much different from its bland and featureless surroundings. It stands out in the barrenness. Unyielding to the elements, it stands above the rest of its surroundings. Separated from what it once was, its interstellar experience has hardened it and shaped it into what it has now become.

Its value is unknown to the shifting sand and baked mud that surrounds it.

But there are those that do know the value. There are those that will search. There are those that are eager to find. There are those that appreciate what is waiting to be found.