Quilt Auction

We have been given for auction this beautiful handmade commemorative quilt. The auction will begin on 6 February, 2017.

The bidding will start at $250 but the reserve is a bit higher.
There have been many, many hours of dedicated crafting by several people over the past 3 years to make this gorgeous work of “heartwork”. Our always generous Quilter and long time supporter, Nina Braithwaite, describes the project:
I started this quilt about a year before I even made the first cut of fabric. Whenever I would find a patriotic fabric I’d buy it and put it away. I had a pattern from a kit I’d purchased that I thought would work well for my patriotic quilt. My plan was to donate it to Quilts of Honor, an organization that gives quilts to veterans to honor their service. I started cutting the fabric in 2013 and worked on it for 10 days over the Christmas and New Years holiday. I was working on the quilt when I heard the news about Jason’s death and decided that this quilt would be used to honor him, through Quilts of Honor giving it to Callah and the boys. I continued working on it off and on over the next year and then in mid-2016 I finally finished it. During that time I’ve followed the work that has been done by Granger Legacy and thought instead that giving it so that it could be sold to raise money for Granger Legacy would be better because it would help fund some f the amazing work that is being done. Once the quilt top was done, it was sent to the quilter, Donna Weed, who layers the backing fabric, batting and quilt top and sews them all together. She also embroidered the text on the quilt. When that was complete I gave the quilt to Lupe Withers who hand sewed the binding around the edges of the quilt.

Look at the detail:

Quilt Auction. This is a great opportunity to have a remarkable, crafted with love and honor, memorial for an incredible individual while helping us support his brothers and sisters in arms.