Progress At Granger Outpost at Wagon Wheel Ranch

Jason_Chris_bw LETTERHEAD

Just a quick update on the progress on our campaign. The monetary donations have been coming a little at a time and we appreciate every dollar that has been donated.

We have several confirmed labor and equipment donations and several more offers that we will sit down and discuss with those offering and hope to confirm those soon.

site plans2

rec hall plans2

Those are the plans showing the Rec Hall and its placement on the property. So far, we have a local business that has confirmed their offer to trench the footings and plumbing runs. That is a substantial savings.

Work days are being scheduled officially as we have had many requests from volunteers. I love you people that live outside of yourselves. That is America. That is love. I will do better on the updates I promise. This is moving along and I want you to be as excited as I am.

Don’t forget R.E.D Friday today!

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