New Location, New Needs

Expansion is good. It means a bigger area and more Veterans served. It also means more expenses. We are currently setting up the location near Ft Knox, Kentucky for our therapy program, camping, fishing, family events, and for future hunting events.

We are prepping several camping sites near the well stocked fishing pond.

There will be a good sized firepit for Ranger TV as well. Jason wouldn’t have it any other way. A local Home Depot has agreed to help out with the pit supplies and Jacey & the team will construct it.

This location is miles from the city and well back from the road. Quiet, peaceful, and serene. A good beginning to shedding the weight one piles on their shoulders.

So we are trying to source as much of the actual materials needed from local businesses and individuals. They are helping a little, but there are still monetary expenses too. We need about $2000.00 for corral panels to construct the arena for the Equine Therapy. The farm is allowing us to utilize 6 horses and the stalls.

There are other needs here as well. Tack for our own use, storage, containers, outdoor cooking units, and associated tools.
We need your help. Jacey and the team are doing what they can with what they have, but to really complete our mission we need your support.

Take a minute and click the Donate link below if you can and make any size donation you want. We will put it to good use and definitely do you proud. Thanks to all that have continued to support us and those helping out now. YOU are making a difference.

We are also going live on 6 February 2017 with an auction for the handmade commemorative quilt. See the auction here

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