Level Black

“I guess they call him LEVEL BLACK, which is like the very worst…”

“There’s a lot of things that come along with Severe PTSD: Sleepwalking… can’t sleep for days at a time…

When you do sleep, you only sleep for an hour or two and you’re right back up for three or four days.

Hallucinations, constantly thinking about the situation at hand that put you in the situation you are in right now. Thinking about and seeing the faces of the soldiers that either passed or got hurt severely…that’s an everyday struggle for me.”

“I felt like I was useless. I had no job, I had no soldiers, I couldn’t function, couldn’t think on my own, I couldn’t walk on my own…

I had to have help in and out of the bathtub, on and off the toilet…”

SSG Billy Caviness served as an American Warrior for 16 years. His life did a complete 180 after his unit was blown apart in a remote part of Afghanistan. His story is that of thousands of returning Warriors:

No Mission. No Purpose. No Brothers beside them.

Devastating physical injuries,  Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, and a missing sense of purpose.

Watch as SSG Caviness and his wife, Tina, recount how their lives have been forever changed. It’s nine minutes you won’t forget… nor should you.