By The Numbers: Disturbing Statistics

America, we are failing and it is devastating.

From Valiant Veterans:


Did you know???

-30% return with PTSD
-1 in 4 homeless males is a veteran
-1 in 3 homeless females is a veteran
-23% of the homeless population are veterans
-6% of the US Population are veterans
-89% received honorable discharge
-76% experience alcohol, drug or mental problems
-May 2012 national unemployment rate at 8.1% and 12.7% among Iraq/Afghan Vets
-30% of veterans 18-24 are unemployed
-Veterans make up 7% of the US population yet account for 30% of all suicides each year
-22 veterans a day commit suicide, 1 every 63 minutes with only 21 states used in this data
-731 VA facilities with over 120,000 veterans enrolled in past year WAITING for care
-700,000 estimated veterans reside in correctional facilities
-Over 130 Veterans Courts have been established to assist with certain crimes committed indirectly to combat service
-An estimated 1 in 8 veterans struggle with substance abuse
-Most correctional facilities report the need or creation of veterans “blocks”

We can and must do better for our veterans! Valiant Veterans seeks to change how these issues above are addressed through the establishing of the LiveLife Center and many incredible collaborations to support veterans and their families.

Check them out on their website and on their Facebook page. Be a part of something that gives back to our American Military Family. They’ve earned it.