Every day an average of 22 Veterans and 1 active duty Servicemember suffering from PTSD take their own life. Those figures are the estimated numbers the Veteran’s Administration has compiled and represent those cases that they can actually confirm as suicide. The actual numbers are thought to be much higher.

In November of 2013 Army Ranger SFC Jason B Granger, a Military Freefall Instructor and Veteran of 6 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, was made aware that one of his fellow Rangers, Cpl Chris Bemiss, was sitting in his pickup with his prescription pain meds, alcohol, and his pistol, ready to permanently end his own pain.

Jason had, himself, been diagnosed with PTSD as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury. These are two distinct medical issues that often overlap in the way they present themselves. Jason though, was one of those very few people that can sit down, evaluate a situation, and work through it. He had gained the upper hand on his own issues and was confident enough to reach out to others.

Upon getting the call that his Ranger Brother was at this point of desperation, Sgt Granger immediately intervened and was able to avert a tragedy that has taken more lives than the Global War On Terror itself.

Tragically, SFC Granger was killed in a skydiving accident the very next month, just 2 days after Christmas.

Since that time, Cpl Bemiss (Retired) has, himself, waged an unrelenting battle against the demons of war and has been instrumental in pulling brothers from the fire as well.

Jason’s family feel very strongly that this legacy MUST continue, the tide must be turned, and the epidemic of Veteran suicides must be ended immediately.  In order to continue that legacy of selfless outreach and willingness to enter the fray and do everything possible to reach out to those affected, Granger Legacy was formed.

The V.A. is overwhelmed and choked by politics and bureaucracy and is unable to keep pace with the tragic numbers.

One of the proven tools at our disposal is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. A team approach utilizing a therapist, a handler, a horse, and the Veteran. Numerous studies prove the efficacy of this treatment and is one we are able to implement. This will be the first wave in our attack on the unseen enemy of so many of our young men and women return from war.

We don’t need to own property, we don’t need to own horses, we just need to bring Veterans and these elements together with the certified and licensed individuals in a relaxing and private setting.

We have the individuals at the ready, the horses are available and we are negotiating locations..

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, We owe so much to so many and it is time to pay the outstanding debt owed to America’s sons and daughters.

Granger Legacy is a recognized 501(c)(3) non profit organization.